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A fairy tale about diversity and inclusion, to help people suffering from the rare disease of Lafora was what Paola Pacca asked in 2012 to the writer Andrea Tamberi, who well interpreted not only the request but also the message to be transmitted.

"Strange is life and strange is the way in an instant it can change". 

A profound lesson in life that small readers perceive very easily and that also reminds adults of values that are often not thought of or given importance. Since its embryonic phase, the work has been dedicated to Daniela Cerracchio, a girl from Chiesina Uzzanese (PT) who was then 19 years old and who fought lafora disease with all her might, diagnosed, after a long course of investigation, at the age of 16.


The English edition of "Tartarughe Sorprese" is published on April 23rd, in memory of "Daniela's flight in the sky". Copyrights entirely devolved to A.I.LA.


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